We celebrated Onam today at my chittapan’s home. This of course being the weekend prior to Onam. Vaiga’s second Onam. First she had not much of a clue, this time she did enjoy some of the delicacies served.

After having got my Apple Nike watch a fortnight ago, I have been slowly easing into a daily burn routine. With the Onam sadhya off the menu now, I can start on my Leangains plan of 16:8 intermittent fasting w.e.f. tonight.

A good morning workout and fluids till lunch time. Salad for lunch and some protein rich food later in the evening. Average of 1 hour workout per day is the target with 20 min of running and following a rigid Nike Training Club workout plan. I have set a 90 day target. December is when I expect to be at the peak of my fitness. This of course needs a lot of mental resilience and I really want to do this.

Currently my BMI is 27.7. Target BMI is 22. From overweight, I need to move to normal range. Bring it on! I also plan to blog daily to timeline my fitness routine.

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