Lucky Bayern European Champions

Much of the commentary prior to the game was of the cool nature of players reaching the ground. Some were dissing PSG for their exuberant quarter and semi victory celebrations. Some enjoyed the stone faced move ahead of Bayern. All just subjective interpretations.

Clearly the lack of fans in the stadium, and the serious nervousness of the occasion was evident in the first quarter of the first half as both teams struggled to find any rhythm.

One has to be seriously biased to give a shout out to Bayern in the second half. PSG had the better chances, and should have put the game to bed. But the lackadaisical finishing nearly cost them as Coman tried to buy a penalty in the end of the first half.

The second half was a different story. Bayern came out more determined, more energetic and more wanting. PSG nevertheless stayed solid. Boil overs in the middle of the pitch worked in favor of Bayern and a moment of lapse in defense led to the first goal. PSG were unlucky to not be rewarded a penalty as the referee missed a clear foul on Mbappe by Kimmich. Not like that was the first instance of the referee making a wrong call on Mbappe.

It is fair to say, the referee did not do to the best of his ability and an amount of cowardice was quite evident in the way he handled the penalty situation in both boxes. Fear of being the talking point at the end of the game, and purely the lack of balls to face the consequence of his actions meant, the winning mentality of the Germans got them the trophy. It is nice to see tears and signs of devastation in the PSG players, especially Neymar. A golden opportunity passes his team.

A word of mention of course for Ander Herrera. Always loved him as a United player. He served the cause beautifully in the first half, shackling Thiago incisively. It is unfortunate that is compatriots in the final third did not have their shooting boots on, else easily Bayern would have foregone this trophy.

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