The perfect weekend!

It’s the laziest weekend we have had ever since the lockdown, or probably ever in our new life in Kuwait. Sleeping through much of the day, playing playstation, catching up with my English teacher, and my best friends! Now, that in itself is hard to beat, but a blockbuster Champions League quarter final game with FIFAesque decimation of Barcelona was just the icing. I would just consider myself lucky to have been able to watch this game.

Of course, with a curfew still ongoing, the pleasure could not be shared viewing along with friends, nevertheless Twitter is a good ally to connect with my football and Bayern fan buddy Jono!

Ever since the glorious days of Barca under Pep, the invincibilty of the Xavi, Iniesta, Messi axis, yesterday pretty much marked the trough into which Barcelona is headed. Bayern in the meantime, is definitely rising to remain a superpower in European football for the years to come. Coutinho, coming off the bench with just ten minutes in hand, decimating his disappointment was just the yummiest icing on the cake.

Tonight won’t be as exciting, but they will be trembling at the thought of encountering Bayern in the semis. Exhilarating football beckons over the next few days.

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