Oh..well.. manchester united

Oh..well.. manchester united

I did not realize the game was on until half an hour before the match, thanks to stopping by on twitter to see the #TOTMUN trend.

The first ten minutes of the game was so fluid and good from United, it was a shocker to actually get opened up by a goal that came from a silly counter attack. Such was the dominance that it was ok to be caught out. But clearly De Gea should have saved it. An individual error has clearly cost us.

Had that not gone in, it was very likely that we would have gone on to score the first. I am still trying to come to terms with the water break – seriously weird. And of course the numerous substitutions available.

But having seen how Ole has so far handled changes off the bench, the additional subs are unlikely to do any impact considering he won’t make a any change before 60 minutes.

Pogba was clearly massive in his performance cameo. He can drop quality at will. Many of the other players did look good on desire, need to still reach out to top speed.

It’s good to be back watching premier league action again. Welcome back EPL!

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