The Facade

Paranoia in the midst of a pandemic is inevitable. When much of the world goes into lockdown, with internet active, people continue to remain in contact, despite physical distancing. Vehicles of social media continue to provide source of entertainment as well as information.

But there is the bandwagon of the State that refuses to lie down even when pertinent issues questioning survival of human race is brought up. So why do people feel so passionate about their political affiliations that they are unwilling to even accept the fact that some things are beyond petty politics.

Just like on the streets, we encounter people from different walks of life on social media. Friendship (as Facebook calls it) or Follower (on Twitter / Instagram) is a broad title to a list of people that range from family to close friends to colleagues to professional acquaintances.

Under the mirage of this ‘relation’, people have this general prejudice that every user has to conform to certain norms of behavior (of course apart from the terms and conditions listed by the service provider) to suit their timeline.

Those who are happy watching cat videos, political boot licking videos and commentary feel a pinch every time a contrarian view pops up. They use the shield of a pandemic to effervesce the ulterior darkness in them. This is indeed a veiled post against the lot that believe the trodden path is the right one.

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