Debate on discourse

Debate on discourse

Last week was all about the language being used by our oh so great politicians of India. Crucifying Rahul Gandhi for saying the right things is the norm in India. Modi and his goons have managed to set the discourse early in his national political ambitions to decimate any perception of righteousness that could emanate in the country. Modicracy involves Modi being in the centre and everything revolving around him based on his whims and fancies.

The fanatics revolve around him revering him. Fanaticism is rampantly seen and identified in social media. The learned expose their bigotry, communalism and hatred in public. Under a leader that exudes pride in dividing people on communal lines, the inner darkness seen in most Indians have come to the fore. The modus operandi for the last 5 years or so and over the last decade in much of the world has been this. Newer generations would see liberalism as one in history books as autocratic leaders keep slicing the pie of life.

So where does it leave us centric people? Well, if that means forgoing relations – so be it. Change is the only constant.

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