Corona: where do we go from here?

Corona: where do we go from here?

Ever since the outbreak has been in the media, I have been closely following news on the internet.

Outbreaks have happened in the past. Primarily having been preoccupied with other things in life, I never really looked much into it. This time though, with my work I have been able to keep track of what’s happening with the Corona outbreak in China.

I came across an interesting article today in the New York Times, a purely scientific approach on how to assess where we are headed. The epidemic triangle shall determine how we will be able to get out of this epidemic. Whilst other countries take relief in the fact that the fatality is low, we must understand the role of China as a nation in the world. The amount of damage that can happen to China will have lasting ripple effects on the entire world, not only in disease spread but in world economy. Having been used to over two decades of Made in China products, any dent to productivity in China will result in massive ramifications for the rest of the world.

Courtesy of Twitter.

The month of February will have a telling impact on how we move forward in the beginning of this decade. Fingers crossed things don’t turn ugly.

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