Whoosh.. Jan is gone

Where did it go?

It didn’t actually. It was just that the first month of the decade, was too hot to handle that we couldn’t keep track of it. Too many things happening in the world, latest of which is the Corona virus outbreak.

Third week of Jan, my FRCR part A result came out. My second attempt and I didn’t clear it. 147 was the standard required. I managed 140. Juggling double shift, driving daily 160 km, spending 3 hours on the road, handling everything that a growing infant was throwing at me, was indeed a bit too overwhelming. I had a feeling of resignation, the week after the result. I know I could put in more effort, I just didn’t feel I was able to juggle it all together. After all, responsibilities are inversely proportional to performance for me.

I spoke to a dear friend of mine yesterday and I have decided to push forward full throttle into academia for the June exam session. I know this warrants me being so not ‘me’, being more selfish, without which this is not going to work out. Needless to say, the more distance I go with my practice, the harder it gets to clear these exams. Not getting younger by the way.

I think it is high time, I deactivate my social media presence, move on to more fruitful avenues of spending energy to recuperate and go again for this arduous exam.

Looking forward to a birthday party tonight to unwind. Desperately need to regulate diet and get into a healthy fitness routine. Onwards and upwards.

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