Baby steps forward

I got some popcorn from the nearby cooperative to settle in for the crunch Liverpool Manchester United fixture at work. It was a light evening, and I had no patients at the time of the match.

3-5-3 with the available players sounded very good on paper. Throttling Liverpool where they are really good, literally shutting down the flanks seemed to me like a fantastic decision. Blighted with injuries of course, United had to go in with B team midfield. Absence of Rashford was striking.

We got under the skin of the home team until the first goal. They looked nervy, overwhelmed by the occasion and didn’t seem to be able to get off the blocks.

But then, one moment of madness, a set play from a corner with an unpardonable free header for Van meant Liverpool got the license to play their game. With the home crowd cheering them on, waves of attack penetrated United. De Gea turns up for the big games and crucially with some wonderful saves to keep it at 1-0 at HT. However the front men of Pool kept missing at point blank chances, else it could have been a massacre. Looks like the occasion did get to all of them.

What I would prefer Ole to do is, to risk it, take another chance in the game. He went to plan B with the changes only in the last 15 min, a tad too late. Positive signs, had we taken our frugal chances, this would have been a much better contest.

Salah celebrating the last goal like they won the league, is a measure of under how much pressure their team was.

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