The fungus that keeps growing.

The fungus that keeps growing.

As a citizen of India, it pains for each one of us to actually see what exactly is happening right now within the country. The government apparently feels fulfilling all of its promises is the way forward, even at a time when the country’s economy is in doldrums.

So what exactly are the priorities of the government? Should we as common citizens be worried that the onion prices are going up? Or should we be worried that we aren’t taking care of persecuted minorities of other countries. Persecuted minorities is what they say. In a land where we are unable to provide basic amenities to its own citizens, we are talking about providing support to the lesser privileged in other countries.

The ineptitude of the opposition is there for everyone to see but what happens when the young voices of India get to the streets asking for their own rights?!

Who would have imagined that in the third decade of the millennium we are actually talking about having internet shutdowns in different states of India.

I am only in my 30s and this is the first time I am actually seeing a government that is so scared of public opinion. This is the anti-thesis of democracy where the ruling regimen fears any form of disagreement and wants to work autonomously. Voices of dissent are vehemently opposed, so will the original India rise back again is the question.

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