The Google event in four days

The Google event in four days

With literally everything having been leaked about features of the Pixel 4, I was just going to watch the event just for confirmation. But the interest has just got all beefed up again with rumors of the Pixel Watch surfacing again in the last 24-72 hours. Now that is quite exciting.

Pixel XL

Since 2016 I have been enjoying the Pixel life when I moved on from my iPhone 6. I exchanged my iPhone in 2017 via Flipkart to get the Pixel 2. In 2018 I exchanged my Pixel 2 for the Pixel 2 XL via Flipkart. I wasn’t too convinced Pixel 3 was worth investing in, when I had two quality phones already with me.

Whilst Pixel 4 is again looking to break boundaries in phone photography, I am currently only interested in the Pixel Watch. Earlier this year, for fitness reasons, I got myself a Samsung Fit Bit Pro 2 watch. A minimalist smart watch, with predominant activity and sleep monitoring, it goes through the chores reasonably well with my Pixel 2XL. What I am currently interested in is this Pixel Watch, so that I can integrate my fitness and everything with my smartphone.

Pixel 2 XL

I must admit, I still continue to use my Pixel with a Spigen bumper. Whilst the CPU and RAM offers better performance, the Pixel still continues to deliver with great battery life and a quality camera. The good thing about the Pixel is that the camera is within the body and doesn’t protrude out, unlike the rest of the Pixel series.

I plan to use my these two pixel devices till they decide to call it quits. In the mean time, I am slowly building the Google ambience at home and in commute. I have been using Gmail since 2000, and I am happy to share my privacy with Google for betterment of my life.

The countdown is truly on to 15th of October. Bring it on.

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