Threads of yester

I heard on Twitter, Facebook has decided to introduce a new app for Instagram called Threads. The prime purpose is to allow real time networking with close friends akin to very similar layout of Snapchat.

After initial use for 24 hours, (I convinced my wife to install it on her phone), I love the ease of sharing on the platform, I’ve reduced texting and started sending video messages to my wife. The ease of sharing in just two clicks makes this a very viable alternative to existing applications like Whatsapp. We tried the video call feature and it’s lovely with centre split screen view dividing the screen vertically into two.

It is also encouraging me to share a lot more on Instagram Stories exclusively for my close friends without having to ‘choose’ the close friends option each time. This I believe is mighty.

Whilst the auto status is a miss more often than a hit, for millennials like me, it turns time back to days of MSN and Yahoo messengers.

For a social media fanatic like me, I like to give every product an opportunity. After my experiment with Google Allo, I think I will have some fun with this.

Me and wifey use Signal for all our texting, but looks like with my baby around wanting to video call and watch me whilst at work, this is definitely going to be a very viable alternative.

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