Before words spoil the broth

My baby is little over 9 months now. Growing fast indeed. What I enjoy most though is the communication before she learns to churn out words. I have always been fascinated about communicating with eyes. And talking to her using eyes brings so much pleasure.

In fact even once we become adults, the communication that we really enjoy is the one we do without words. The smile, the expression, the unexplained gesture. Whilst even the whole point of blogging is a play of words, we come out here to write about all that are beyond.

I wished in the back of my mind that my baby would not be left handed. I am left handed. I had to struggle a lot, and still do, being one in this right handed world. But at the same time, being left allows me to look at things in a completely different manner.

My baby seems to be following my footsteps. I hope I can guide her in the right direction.

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