Woeful Manchester United

I have finally managed to get my work desk set up. I haven’t used my mac mini for almost a year now since I left India. Primary reason being the fact that I never really had a workspace going and having an infant growing up at home had taken its toll. All the blogging ended up happening from the confines of work and none at home.

Last month has been good. Big decisions involving leaving Jahra and moving to Salmiya. We simply love our new home. The ambience is brilliant. It’s good to have my parents around. My baby Vaiga has loved the transition to the new home in the company of her grandparents.

I use Ooredoo for my internet services. Thanks to Yupp TV, my family is happy catching up on South Indian Tv channels.

One thing that is continuing to disappoint though is the fact that Manchester United is getting worse with every passing game. Key players injured, lack of quality or direction in play, and seriously is one of the slowest and most boring team playing football. Apart from the odd counter attacking game, Manchester United offer s nothing watchable.

This lack of direction means United are likely to finish mid table or just above relegation. The worry is always when the manager tries to convince the masses that he sees positive within each game, while the world all over everyone knows how bad things are.

Even the return of injured players doesn’t seem like going to make any difference and fans like me just want the misery to end some day.

Rashford as a central striker offers nothing and is proving time and again he is useless in a one prong attack. In the absence of quick players transitioning with him up front, he is futile as a central striker.

Whilst in the wings, he no longer offers any talent on the ball, apart from aimless burst of pace.

Dan James is the brightest spot in the team. His desire, energy and vision unfortunately is surrounded by extensive lack of quality all around. What irks fans most is when players don’t play for the club.

For the earnings they have, it’s going to be hard following this team through this season irrespective of who is responsible for this malaise.

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