A game of two halves

A game of two halves

Whilst I did manage to watch the entire 90+ minutes of football action of Manchester United’s second game this season, what was perturbing was the lack of plan B when the tide turned.

The first half was sedate, cautious, controlled and resulted in a fruitful goal through some lovely movement off the flanks. Secondly we did a fantastic job in negating them tactically. Understable for the cautious approach considering we had a torrid last season playing them.

They were clearly in a different mood as they began the second half, and it was surprising how immature and inexperienced we looked as Wolves pressed and harried the team. The inevitability was a fantastic goal to bring them level.

But it took us longer to regain control of the game, to change the tide back. Once chances were created, the lack of incisive finishing let us down. This one must remember, is not the fag end of a season. The beginning of a new season having had the entire squad for a full pre season. What was even more disheartening was the passivity of the coach in the second half to counter the haplessness on the turf. When push came to shove, looked like we had nothing on the bench to bring in plan B.

Many players wearing the shirt has to question their performance, no doubt. I expect a response in the next game, but the mood is still the same as last season.

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