Taming City

Fortunate to have had time to watch the double blockbuster Manchester City Spurs clash this week both in the Champions League and in the Premier League. I don’t think any team has given City a run for their money like Spurs did this week.

Edge of the seat blast of an entertainer in the Champions league as two teams went hammer and tong in an out and out attacking game. The intensity and quality of play was simply breathtaking, something unimaginable from the current outfit of Manchester United. In fact, the Manchester Derby on wednesday might just decide if City or Liverpool will win the league. That leaves United in quite a conundrum. Liverpool with already one leg close to European glory, and a breath away from Premier League. The stakes are awfully high.

I believe the derby will be a heartache for United fans like me, as we surely don’t have the fitness, or the form to deal with a wounded City. To imagine City were holding to the last thread in the dying minutes today to keep their lead on the pack intact, shows how much Poch has managed to get under Pep’s skin.

Spurs losing means, 3rd place viability is likely for Manchester United and we really need to get our sprint going in the last lap! Bring the Derby on! Can’t wait.

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