New beginnings

Three members in the family for this Vishu for the first time. Groggily we got up early morning. Groggy is the norm nowadays with a baby in the house. Getting essentials for Vishu had me shuttling to supermarkets in Jahra.

Packeted Kani konna and mullapoo from Lulu Hypermarket made it enjoyable.

Our baby girl Vaiga was happy to rise early in the morning and experience her first Vishu with us. Last year this time around she was being processed inside her mothers womb.

My wife worked overtime to turn out delicacies for the noon lunch on time. Handling an unpredictable baby with daily chores is something she is daily coming to terms with. We both nowadays are more on chore dates than anything. All the energy being dispensed out of the body is compensated by the joy, smile and moments of love shared by the baby.

To more happy tidings in 2019!

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