Time to switch rides

Last few days for my first month rental of 2017 Toyota Yaris. Toyota defines reliability in Kuwait. Battling the monsoon bled roads of Kuwait, Yaris has been a comfortable partner for me for the last month. Taking a rental from Toyota Al Sayer group is the best option for professionals like me, being assured of the reliability of the vehicle. I had rented from them in my prior visit to Kuwait and hence the procedure was a breeze this time around.

I submitted the papers for the rental approval for my GMC Acadia 2019. I opted for the pepper dust color, along the same lines of my previous ride – Mojave Sand Jeep Renegade in 2016.

Following the departure of my parents after a short visit to Kuwait, it was more about coming to terms with handling an infant all by ourselves. My diet, sleep and work has taken a hit as expected, as I come to terms with the unpredictability that comes with a baby. For a person who prefers to be under control of situations, this is an eye opener.

As with the latter half of my life, now it’s all about taking things one at a time and bombing ahead.

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