Fire in the belly!

Fire in the belly!

One of the most rousing comebacks by Manchester United in 2019 has to be beating Southampton last night. What was encouraging was the grit and determination shown by players who have got an opportunity to shine in the time of injuries.

Lukaku for all the right reasons had to take a good part of the blame for the first half of the season due to a dip in form and fitness thanks to the World Cup in the run up.

Nevertheless, players like Dalot, Pereira, Scott and Romelu have really upped their performance. Lindelof is king at the heart of defence.

For the first goal though, I thought De Gea was slow off the blocks. Despite it being a really good strike, I would still expect De Gea to get something more despite being blinded by Shaw. Nevertheless, he was beaten by a class free kick from Ward Prowsie.

Moving to top four in the fighting manner that we have means we go in with confidence to Paris. However champions league seems done and dusted. It does give some players an opportunity to play in the big stage and build for the season ahead.

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