First getaway 2019 beckons

First getaway 2019 beckons

National Day fervor has taken over the State of Kuwait. Holidays have begun. Not yet for me, I still work till tomorrow. But the good news is, I go home tomorrow night.

Many things did happen as planned. Many did not. I still await my Civil ID card without which I can’t begin a bank account, I can’t have a driving license. I can’t have a place to stay and I can’t take a mobile connection!

I am going to run out the last leg of February in home turf, catching up with friends, spending time with my baby and my lovely wife. Nothing like family and friends to rejuvenate life again and I shall return to Kuwait in March with a bang.

I had an interesting conversation with a family friend’s son. He is switching over to 10th standard and was thinking about career options and wanted to spend some time with me to get an idea. I was able to give him different perspectives but the main thing that i was interested in conveying was, that be true to yourself, your ideologies, and be able to influence people in the right manner. That is the fulfillment one must strive to achieve.

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