Grit and brilliance to return to winning again

The only FA Cup fifth round fixture people were really looking forward to was the Chelsea Manchester United game last night. Having to do with a defeat in the Champions League, and injuries to two of the four pronged United attack, it was up to how willing the rest of the squad was to accommodate the new tactic of play.

Mata as a false nine flanked by Lukaku and Rashford. One with strength and pace, other which sheer pace and in great form. Mata essentially playing 10 and false 9. This meant it was imperative, Luke and Paul on the left and Herrera and Young on the right had their work cut out protecting the flanks. They adopted a defensive approach with full backs not bombing forward that often.

Romero is a goal keeper I greatly respect. He I hope gets to continue the entire tournament as he deserves to. When called upon, he was absolutely brilliant in all the encounters in the first half before we drubbed in the goals.

Paul yet again is in massive form, with Rashford making his runs up front that lead to the first goal. Ander always has a goal in him when he goes forward. His header is an example for any striker to learn from. Calm composed finish for a late unhindered dash into the box.

Rashford’s composure to drive to the flank and wait till support reached the box and to deliver it on a plate for Pogba was brilliant. Pogba’s bombing forward powerful header was reminiscent of one of CR7’s united goals in similar vein. Just too hot to handle for the keeper.

It was amazing how little Romero had to do in the second half despite Chelsea having a lot of possession. This is also a testament to the stubborn nature of Chelsea manager who refused to opt for plan B in his games. And off we go to the next round. #GGMU

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