In this day and age of social media, the terror attack in Jammu and Kashmir has had massive ramifications. Every blood boiling citizen has put out their two cents on what needs to be done.

No scope for evaluation of the situation is entertained. Nobody is allowed to even discuss the possible premise on why this occurred. Many are happy to dismiss this as an unavoidable element of terrorism.

Where was the intel? In probably one of the most troubled regions in entire India, where the intel is supposed to be the best, with the help of inside job, a crime has been committed and yet we talk about how we respond to the situation.

The first response needs to be assessment of the situation in the first place. How to prevent it. Strongly condemning the act is one thing. The leader of the nation appealing for appropriate revenge is another.

What it did do though is change the political narrative in the country. I came across this interesting forward today. But one of the things that struck my mind once this occurred was, one of the old movie threads. A political party, in doldrums, staring at defeat, looks for viable alternatives. Nothing musters nationalism like a terror attack. This sets up the perfect narrative for revival. As we call in malayalam, pathinettaam adavu.

What irked me though was the likes of Rahul Kanwal of India Today, jumping around in the studio with excitement over reporting this big terror attack with absolute no respect for the occasion, with a demeanor not befitting any sane reporter at the peak time of a tragic event. He also reflects the sentiments of a nation that is happy to gulp in news and vomit it with no sensitivity whatsoever.

I do not see much changing. Lots of talk. Probably another movie to be released. And lots more theatrics in an otherwise spineless election campaign by the ruling government. Expecting gullible India to vote him back into power again.

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