One month

Today it becomes one month since I returned to Kuwait. I am yet to get my Civil ID. I got my first paycheck today.

A bit exhausting day beginning with my Medical License Interview at Amiri Hospital, Ministry of Health, Kuwait. A very friendly team welcomed me to the interview. They were intrigued with my prior work experience in Kuwait and the interview went smooth. I was asked to tackle a few questions on imaging which was routine.

Had an opportunity to speak to doctors at Shifa Al Jazeera clinic at Farwaniya today.

It was nice to meet a few of them and try to show what we have to offer from our workplace. But all the out of the routine exposure to sunlight today seems to have gotten me a headache from my sinuses.

Looking forward to a productive two weeks ahead. Plan budget for house furnishing and finance home appliances. I love deadlines.

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