Over the last few days, charming Priyanka Gandhi making her entry into politics has swept the news desks of all mainstream media. What continues to be disheartening though is the responses that came from eminent people in the public domain.

Sumitra Mahajan

Priyanka is a good woman. But her appointment shows Rahul has understood that he cannot do politics alone, so he asked his sister Priyanka to help him.

Lok Sabha Speaker. Making frivolous comments on a political party. If you are apolitical, you just need to watch her at work to realize how biased she is.

Many voiced words of encouragement for her entry into politics (officially) but most made sexist condescending comments which continues to demonstrate how deeply rooted are our lack of respect for the female gender.

I keep pondering when will that day come, when it will disappear. The biggest problem in India is this deeply entrenched cultural heritage and ‘values’, just like how people continue to justify happenings in Sabarimala.

I don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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