Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram text merger seriously?!

I woke up today to flick through my twitter profile only to find out that Mark uncle is planning to merge the chat platforms of all three of these babies of his.

I left Facebook nearly a year ago, after the Cambridge Analytica reports. I had also quit Instagram, only to rejoin it again in the last few months.

Now that he is planning to merge all three platforms, using end-to-end encryption, the interplatform play is going to be really annoying.

Ads flushed down our throats in all three apps. If you enjoy having your life as transparent as that, then please stick on to them.

I just washed my hands off Instagram today. Whatsapp is the only survivor for now thanks to end-to-end encryption.

It will also allow me to focus more on writing and reading rather than swiping aimlessly. Thanks Mark. in a way, you are definitely influencing people like me to lead a healthier and productive life.

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