The misfiring mainstream media

Imagine the plight of an activist. Unable to step outside an airport because of mobocracy. For over 18 hours, the coverage on all mainstream television media was of the events surrrounding a law and order issue involving the domestic terminal of a very popular international airport. Domestic terminal and airport authorities permitted infiltration of numerous people outside the terminal, with absolute no signs of security. It is amazing that we live in a country where these sort of security breaches are permitted. 

A cyclone is hitting south India. And it barely gets 2 minutes coverage at the end of news bulletins. So what is the point of news if citizens can’t make use of it? 

It’s been drizzling all day long in Ernakulam. My pixel 2XL phone is a gadget offered by google. gave hourly updates on what’s happening with Gaja. By 4 pm, warning message arrived informing of the depression that is developing over Ernakulam. For the next ten hours,  heavy gush of winds, ranging from 50 to 60 km/hr was expected. By 430 pm in the evening we started experiencing heavy gush of winds causing whistling sounds in the corridors and causing mild disruption of loosely fixed sheets etc. What was even more disconcerting was that flipping through five to ten news channels and no one is updating on what to expect in Kochi.

Should we remain indoors? Should  we take precautions? Abysmal state of affairs here. 

At around 0830 pm in the night, a scroll was running on mainstream channels about high gush of winds in Ernakulam. 

Despicable journalism India. Why are you people like this! You probably need to look into what exactly you cover, and what your priorities are. 

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