Relentless TV media

Apparently according to all media outlets in Kerala, talking about Sabarimala all the time when the temple is open is the burning issue. Relentlessly for the past 24 hours, reporters are showing live video footages of what’s happening in the outskirts of Sabarimala as well as in and around the shrine.

Flashing texts of erroneous facts, further propagated and later on rectified scroll viciously on the screen.

On a holiday that is Diwali, the mood is all about are ladies climbing? Did the faithful deny them? Is there violence?. Disturbing times in this state of mine. I cannot imagine the state of affairs next month when the temple opens.


3 thoughts on “Relentless TV media

    1. Thank you Magiceye. I always enjoy that approach of writing. I am trying to rediscover my blogging. I have found innumerable excuses to not do it. Looking to rekindle it.

  1. Hi Dr Babu,
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    It could act as an additional source of earning revenues while having fun at what you do
    Please revert to if interested ..tks
    (PS – feel free to fwd this to any1 who you think could be interested) ..cheers & happy diwali

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