Movie Review: Koode [Malayalam]

Back to back movie bingeing is required to maintain my Fifa World Cup withdrawal. Fortunately the week has quite some good watches in store. Today I watched Koode at PVR.

You can’t fault me for blanket booking a movie by Ms. Menon. We expect. But what if its a combination of Ranjith and Anjali? Mesemerizing to say the least.


It’s a bit on the slower narrative. It unlocks the mind of a scarred child that had his childhood taken away from him. It deals with life after death in a refreshing way. The bubbly Nazriya renders a lovable life to the movie. Parvathy stays in her zone, whilst Prithvi works hard out of his skin to hold his forte with the ease of Nazriya.


The heart remains heavy for most of the movie. What keeps it endearing is the picturesque location chosen as the set and the sedate heartwarming music. I first listened to Raghu whilst he performed live around 12 years ago at JIPMER, Puducherry. I was participating the SPANDAN intermedical collegiate football tournament. I loved his voice texture and the earthly feel to his music.  I was really glad he also gave vocals in the end. It just took the final build a notch up.

Take your family to this one. Take the ones you love to this one. They will love you even more.

My rating: 4 / 5.

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