Movie Review: Neerali [Malayalam]

All along the week, I have been hearing promotions on FM radio stations with featured Nadia Moidu interviews. I didn’t realize Neerali was releasing this week, but I had a quiet Sunday morning to burn before the blockbuster sporting evening began (Wimbledon Mens Final and Fifa World Cup Final).

I ran through my PVR to find seats available for Neerali. Its release weekend and if seats are available, you can be assured the movie is not doing that great.

Once the movie began, PVR Gold had only 60% occupancy. I did go for a morning show, which not many people take unless it’s a declared blockbuster already.

The movie as the trailer depicts begins with a precarious cliff hanging situation for the lead actor as he battles life and death. The director weaves in a tirade of scenarios of the past in and out of the present as numerous social issues are addressed throughout the movie.

The fact that bulk of the movie is epicentered around one of the greatest actor India has ever produced, stranded in a vehicle, it also meant that there were limits to how much of his potential could be squeezed out of the situation.

I don’t do reviews to send out spoilers. But it is a worthwhile movie for families to watch. The cinematography is brilliant. The music and background score keeps us engaged throughout.

Infertility, father – daughter relations, good friendships crossing the red line into romance are all addressed in it in varying ways. People from all walks of life can relate to multitude of scenarios as they seem to be carved out of their life and put on screen.

This is not for those who want to watch a classic Mohanlal movie. There is a lot of good that comes across when we leave the theater. You will have to wait for it, but it is definitely a movie family will enjoy

 My rating: 3 on 5. 

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