Manchester United 2 – 2 Burnley

I had just begun my dinner when kick off started. And before you know, they scored off a set play. Our response was so tepid and sluggish, with Zlatan at 10, there was nothing happening in the middle of the park as far as pace or creativity was concerned. Yet another set play, a gorgeous free kick. This kind of woke up the team from it’s slumber with some good last ditch defending saving them, but nevertheless Pope was never tested sufficiently.


Whilst the opportunities did arrive, we weren’t clinical enough. Double substitution Mkhi and Lingard, injected desire and pace into the team. Lingard is in good form and was a surprise to not start. Mkhi was in the mood and aggressive. His quality on the ball is miles ahead than so many, that it’s amazing how Jose could keep him out of the playing 11. Given, he wasn’t top notch today either, but he depicted the desire and passion that the team lacked in the first half.


This doesn’t bode well for the team or the team spirit. Mourinho appeared defeated on the sidelines. I am not really sure these two hours were worth it.

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