Living the Pixel life the XL way

It’s becoming two weeks since I got my hands on Google Pixel. Firstly it is a huge relief to be back in Android from iOS. Though as far as form factor is concerned I would still prefer using my sub 5 inch screens for single hand typing.

The back fingerprint sensor is a bit of a pain when you leave it on a desk and want to turn the device on, especially if you have activated the fingerprint security.

The battery is outstanding, easily runs the entire day till you hit the bed with regular use. Of course I am not playing games on the device. There is quick charging in flight mode though it still doesn’t offer this ‘7 hours’ in 15 minutes.  (maybe in standby)

The camera is absolutely stunning. I have been clicking around quite a bit knowing that it’s free to back it up online in Google Photos. That’s the biggest luxury of this device.

It’s lightning fast. Absolutely no glitches. With close to 100 apps on the device, I am hitting around 13GB usage out of an available 29GB in this 32GB version. Even when the RAM is over 3.7GB used in the available 4GB, you absolutely won’t know it, until you go and check the RAM.

Some of these no filter shots might help you understand how good the camera is.

Many of the shots were taken in burst while driving a car at over 80km/h and there is absolutely no flinch in focus.


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