The Kuwait Towers

IMG_4049-1Weekends have become much more eventful now that a former colleague and friend Dr. Sid has joined me in Kuwait. Last night I took him to the Kuwait Towers. Was good to be inside it again. Last time I was in there was 6 years ago.

Reflection off the elevator that was going to take us up the Towers

The towers opened only this National day in Feb 2016 after all the renovation. The new work means we now get plenty of graphics on the towers varying according to the occasion.

I was predicting a French flag last night following the Nice incident. But it didn’t happen.


Wound up going to good old Pizza hut near the Salmiya coop. From a rumbling center to one that has become so quiet, how times have changed with the newer generations clammering up to shopping ‘malls’ nowadays.


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