I will miss you.

We have known each other for less than a year. The odd thursday evenings when we used to play volleyball. I saw bits of me in you – stubborness, determination, flair for all sports. And that encouraged me to compete.

When I spoke to your aunt today, my eyes were flooding; it’s been a very long time since I felt a personal loss. She said you always had a lovely smile on. I agree. A great sense of humor, guile and wit. Defying all odds, opting to travel in a path that you carved as your own.

You and Alwin have been asking me to join you to watch the Euros. I haven’t been able to make it due to one reason or the other. But I wanted to see the final with you guys.

I am thankful to the ultimate healer for allowing me to spend some moments with you which I will always cherish. We mostly played in opposing teams in our volleyball matches to balance the sides. But last night I was glad I was on yours.

I will miss you.

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