Kalyana Samayal Saadham


I recall my wife asking me to watch this one quite some time back. She emphasized on how much it resonated with our life. I finally got my hands on it this week and watched it today.

It was in many ways a trip down memory lane. A lane I had so recently traversed. It made me stop and think of all the small memories that we innocently created out of nothing, and it was amazing to see something so similar in reel life.


It also makes me miss you even more. <3. Can only thank the big fellow up there wherever he is, for offering the biggest gift I could ever have in my life. It is nearly becoming a year since I for some stupid reason decided to pounce on a new job opportunity. And to be honest, I feel like it’s been ages! No matter how much virtual ‘connectivity’ seems to bring us together; nothing equates to the joy of being beside you, to laugh with you, to hear you crib, to go for a late night drive and crash at a CCD, to do nothing all day long on the weekend and just lie beside you.
To our next reunion, real soon, mwah.

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