Living the internet life

Some of us get infuriated encountering our overzealous ‘friend(s)’ in social media especially facebook who go on updating every other minute of their life. When I came across these two pictures recently on the same network, with people vehemently sharing their antipathy, it made me wonder..


Nowadays if you are on road, you just need to turn on the Google Maps and one gets live data on where the traffic is more, where there has been an accident etc. The same people who crib about others who are e-socially active/hyperactive, do not realize that they are also passively contributing to helluva lot of information by just living in this time of internet and technology.

Just because these people feel they are consciously not making an effort to share their ‘private’ lives, they think those are private. Which is a real big misunderstanding my dear friends, so it is time to grow up.

My recent visit to Munnar (will write about it soon) had a handful of us actually carrying chunks of digital SLRs. The rest of the people were happy to fancy their pics with their ‘sticks’.

So it is up to you what values you would like to live it. If you are comfy with being in 1995, well it’s your choice. Just don’t expect the rest to follow 😀

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