Web of life


I didn’t mull over 2015 as the year grinded to a halt. I was already into 2016 with plans to move ahead without much of a hoo haa. 2015 was a year that saw me transitioning from one phase of my career to another; moving to homeland and working in a country am proud to call my homeland. I have been lucky to be born here away from India and at the same time be able to associate myself with two different countries and still call them home.


When I left 12 years ago, never did I dream of returning back to work here. Even if I did, I didn’t expect it to happen this early. We choose, and he disposes. When I sat out the 2015 New Year in Kuwait spending time with family, little did I realize the 2016 New Year would be spent here in a completely different dimension.


Such is the web of life. Slowly and steadily I have settled into the new work environment, made new friends, and begun returning back to life. As everything is a reflection of the past, there is a sense of comfort, to be back home. A sense of wanting to give back to a nation that has helped my Dad bring me up this way and get me to this point in my life. To work in the public sector is a joy am experiencing for the first time.


But 2016 so far has also been one of harsh realities. Living in the moment is what makes life awesome. Rather than mollifying the targets of this year as mere resolutions, I hope we set out to do what we want, enjoy life and always keep a hand free to help someone all the time. I have been finding a lot of mental satiety in extending an arm; something that has changed my perspective and perception of life.


2016 will be a year of going places, exploring, learning and sharing. Cheers!

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