Happy Teachers’ Day

Right from birth, everything we do is a learning process. We learn things, we imbibe, we give them our own signature or identity and we define ourselves. The Teachers’ Day is a day for us to respect, treasure and thank all those who have made us into what we are.

Mummy and Daddy – thank you for showing me the way around the world, right from when I woke up from my 9 month slumber. Always drawing lines, allowing me to channelize my energies in the right direction. My goals in life were to be like daddy, to be hardworking, sincere, kind and helpful and always trying to be as good as him in his areas of excellence. Mummy has always been the one who was there to confide, console, care, love and appreciate even the small things I did. That craving and desire to achieve for them have got me to where I am today. 12 years back, I would not have imagined to be here back home, working in the same country I was born in. And this is the end product of the son that you wanted me to be; and I hope I am getting there.

Achu – It’s hearsay how she used to take care of me while I was a toddler. My one and only sister, with whom I used to have innumerous fights, the times when I used to eat her share of the chocolate from the fridge, pinch each other so bad; but at the end of the day family is family. We had our share of real tough times, but we have got through them and I learnt a lot from those. Thank you.

Friends – We don’t realize how much they teach us. They go beyond any form of blood relation. Relations built purely on common interests, feeling of being with someone who thinks, understands and respects your take, has your back through the bad and first to rejoice in your success. I had a safe network of school friends, who inspired me and are my support group now; ones to whom confiding has never been an issue. In graduate school, as I was dropped off the cliff and told to start using my wings to fly, I am thankful I found the right people to support me and help me learn to fly. The mixture of cultures, the innocence and the commitment of some pure friendships held me in good stead as I found home away from home. It remains how my closed network of a handful only still are my confidantee.

Teachers – Inspiration is a great driving force. To learn, to achieve, to become like one of your role models is key. But to instill that in you, to teach you how to get there, to put you in the right lane, I want to thank my school teachers. Their inspiration, their confidence in me, my wanting to make them proud, was always the drive to achieve. As I went to higher levels of schooling in graduation and post graduation I became more and more choosy on what I wanted to learn from each of my teachers, some of them who seemed just the ones I wanted to turn out to be like. And I thank them for letting me learn, imbibe and considering me as a worthy student.

The better half – I should google and find out why they say better half, how the hell do they know that?? I am glad you came to my life sweetheart. Tomorrow it will be our second engageversary and it hurts to be apart, your immense goodness, heartfelt love, and caring attitude and endless positivity are qualities I try to learn and ape every day. Miss you love <3.

I have not been fortunate enough to spend my sensible years with my grandparents, but glad to have spent some time with my wife’s. Every evening I used to spend there I used to get pearls from Achachan. Looking forward to catching up again in person!!

No man’s knowledge here can go beyond his experience”- John Locke

As time flew, I realize how experience is becoming the biggest teacher in my life. My profession as a health care provider, I take pearls from each day, each hour, each patient I work with and I think that’s the best teacher out there.


“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” – John Quincy Adams

Happy Teachers’ Day.

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