Thank you 2014 for being really really nice to me!


I got my customary year end mail from today listing all my blog stats and posts for the year of 2014. I decided to crunch down the gone by 365 days whilstI I fly 10km above the Indian Ocean to spend time with my parents at my birthplace.


It’s been a remarkable spectrum of a year. The year began with me desperately muddled in ocean of radiology info bits as I prepared for my post graduate exams. The pressure was piled further on by the fact that I was due to get married in a month after the exams. That made me work even harder to ensure I achieved what I wanted. The result of pass was only a documentation of the three years of quality training I had received, but a compliment coming from my respected professor was the best result I had on the day. I went on to rue the lack of opportuinty to return some of the goodwill and faith some of my teachers had in me. My new workplace meant I was bereft of opportunities to make a telling contribution to the national conference to be held in our State next month.

Onam celebrations at my department


Starting out fresh in a totally new place, I had all the signs of a novice freshly graduated and asked to work like its my bread and butter. The `initial pressure was immense, the errors creeping in quick. The pressure to perform right, to do it quick and as my boss always said – “To make as less mistakes as possible” was something I was initially struggling with. Breaking out of one’s cocoon was made easier by the work based training I received at my alma mater and slowly I came to terms with the demands.


The drop from a tertiary healthcare hospital down to a secondary hospital dramatically changed the backdrop of the patients visiting me. The common man with the common problems started becoming the centre of events rather than the “uncommon presentation of the common thing”.  The best moments of joy were watching the kids play inside the mother’s womb, their emotions as they tenderly grow in their own home. Documenting death of growing babies in the mother’s womb has been the most painful work I have ever done and each time, am forced to do it with a lump in my throat.


The quizzical, impatient and impertinent questionnaire from the patients and their accompaniments; the darker brutal side of medicolegal suits are all something that I am getting to see and learn first hand. The lack of commuincation between colleagues of the same fraternity has an appalling impact on the overall efficiency of our work.

diwali diyas

Living in the outskirts of the city helped and sometimes did more harm than not as we used to try to spend as much of our free time in the city depriving myself much of rest. At times I wonder a quiet weekend is all I need!

Maldives Paradise Island Water Villa
Maldives Paradise Island Water Villa


The year also saw me travelling to two countries for the first time – Maldives and Saudi Arabia. Culminating the year returning to Kuwait seemed ideal to wind it up.

Sand Dunes Saudi Arabia
Sand Dunes Saudi Arabia


More than getting the degree and beginning to learn to stay on my own feet, this year was primarily about embarking on the biggest journey of my life – the wedding. Brought together by planetary positions and other extrinsic circumstances, beginning to share my space, joy, sorrows, fear, love, and many more, to share the master password to my head and heart with my better half is something I will always cherish this year for.

Thank you 2014! Cheers to 2015


This year is the coming together of few small fruits of long years of tender loving care of my parents and I am happy that I am one of the reasons of their joy this year.


No new year resolutions to put out for the coming year, I will meet 2015 with the same fervor and enthusiasm as I did with the former.


Thank you and good bye 2014  – Cheers to 2015


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