Minus 5

The last day of the month. The fifth last day before the wedding is slowly grinding to an end. A day focused on only one thing. Getting the bedroom right. I had not moved into my room till tonight. But today was all about getting to arranging and setting it up just about right to welcome my better half.

It is amazing how much life and color comes into a room when a woman is about to live in it. Throw a bed into the room and the guy is pretty much done and dusted for a clean nap. Living in my home my parents built for us 22 years ago, I think it is just about right to bring in my lady to complete it.

I know for a fact that the number of days we spend in this room would be a handful spread over months as we move on where our job as doctors take us. But things are just about right to make home that very special every minute that we are here.

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