Ushering 2014..

I had an unexpected off the road casual conversation with a total stranger last evening. I was amazed by how that person gauged me, decided to share some perspective on life, shed by day to day experiences. It is rare to find like minded people but it got me thinking, for a minute to stop thinking of the short term and look at the larger picture. This came after we had an enthralling morning with boss in the department. As coincidental as it was, I was shown the two sides of the coin on the same day and I am grateful that it happened.

With facebook now it is even more easier to reminisce how the year went by if you have been logging it like a public diary, but nevertheless am sure today evening, I will sit back and turn the clock back to have a birds eye view of me and my life, what I did in 2013.

2014 is a year am longing to hop onto. I see myself going places, aspiring, competing, loving, sedating life.

Save the date

Let’s wipe the slate clean and tidy, and start yet again. Happy 2014 friends!

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