Whats next..

The question that riddles our entire lives. I was taking the train home today and happened to be seated amidst two similar young minds who were busy answering the same question. One an MBA 3rd semester student, other a girl (who wouldn’t strike a conversation, unfortunately!) but am pretty sure she is also on the same boat.

The first time I was put in a position to find an answer for that ‘Q’ was when I had to choose my subjects before entering XI standard in school. The answer was predetermined – if you show some sort of academic excellence, you have to be in Bio/Math! Another couple of years passed by, and then it was MBBS or Engineering??

As I sat in the train and was enjoying a casual talk with the MBA student, he invariably propped the Q and all the above thoughts crossed my mind in a flash.. I wondered what is next. Many a times I have planned and more often than not, things have worked out.  But there have also been times when things haven’t. And when that happens it leaves you in a rut.

I answered – ‘I don’t really know. Things are changing so fast nowadays that it is difficult to plan long term anymore. Short term plans are all that I have.’ During my recent visit home, I had a casual conversation with a doctor working there and he put it out in the open. ‘A doctor can only say he is settled in the mid 30s.

As a professional we, doctors are probably the last ones to really ever settle down. And whenever someone puts that Q to me, I simply know, that is how things will eventually be. As long as one is enjoying what he is doing, time just flies and you never really have time to think of the answer to that Q. At this juncture, as I responded to his Q, I realized I am happy with the way things are and I believe that is all that matters!

2 thoughts on “Whats next..

  1. Your post made me go back, a bit.
    Life has a way of throwing things at us when we least expect it. We keep planning and expect everything to remain the same. When the unexpected turn arrives (it comes from the least expected direction), we just crash land. it takes us a while to notice the new place isn’t bad either. Ten years ago, I was an engineer. Five years ago, I thought I could never be anything but an engineer. Then came the turn in the road (more like a couple of sudden hairpin bends). I lost control, skidded and swerved all the way down. Then I realised that all the climbing I had done before hitting the bend had actually prepared me for it. The fall wasn’t that bad.
    Today, the engineer remains a thread somewhere deep inside, not fully gone, but definitely out of sight.
    The beauty of ‘What’s next’ lies in its unpredictability. The frightening part is its unexpectedness.

    1. Well said buddy. We are all victims of this question but we tend to find the way out eventually from every new and unexpected turn. Like you rightly said, the unpredictability is what drives it.

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