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After a fortnight spent at home, getting back to the work routine was tough. Coming towards the end of the week, a spontaneous idea to head for a movie to freshen turned out to be worth every minute. I had overheard one of Fahad’s recent interview on #ManoramaNews. When asked ‘What would like to tell the audience about the movie?’

He said ‘I really don’t know how to promote my own movie. Do come and watch it. If you like it, tell others.. if you don’t, tell me’

That did me in. There was sincerity and commitment to the way he put it and I wanted to know how genuine it really was. Fahad has this thing about him that makes you want to head to the theatre and it wasn’t difficult to choose Annayum Rasoolum over nee koo nja… something.



The title is self revealing – it is clearly about a guy and a girl. But what is really great about this movie is the way debutant director Rajeev Ravi paints the canvas for us. The movie is a narration from Ashley(Sunny) who is returning from sea to his native place in Kochi. Resul (Fahad Fazil) is a cab driver who lives off the meagre salary he earns. He does gang up with a few of his friends (linked up with the darker side of Cochin) to make some quick bucks when the money is short. In one such instance, he incidentally comes across Anna (Andrea Jeremiah) whilst making a run. He instantly falls in love with this orthodox Christian girl and starts innocently following her daily as she goes and returns from work. The innocence and purity of the feeling he has for the girl is expressed with, to be honest, I was amazed, at the amount of work Fahad put in.



3533979173_annayum-rasoolum1The first half then slowly and steadily builds on his love for the girl as he communicates with the girl merely through expressions. Eyes talk, and talk they do in the entire first half. In the background Rajeev is able to give us a picture of the underbelly of the real life in the city – almost as though it was a page ripped off from the life of a Kochiite. As the movie builds on, there is passion, there is love and the movie is able to carry across a simple and yet lovely emotion of love. The innocuous delivery by Fahad as a guy who genuinely cherishes each and every moment he shares with his love, is indeed heartwarming and genuine.


The peripheral characters execute their roles so beautifully – the brother who looks for better prospects abroad but is held back unable to get a passport; the mature father who sends across a strong message to his son to make the right choice; the friend who’s dirty deals eventually consumed him as well; the guy who never told the girl about his love but eventually does… It is difficult to put in words the way the movie is woven





The ‘For’s

  1. It is a love story – a fairly realistic one many can easily relate to
  2. Fahad – he is turning another milestone in 2013 with this movie – I left the theatre happy to know I can genuinely go watch his movies without thinking twice. He was given the opportunity – he took it with both arms wide open.
  3. Andrea – she is foreign, her role does not involve speaking kadicha pottunna malayalam (dubbed by Rima Kallingal I think); she has done probably 85-90% justice to her role.
  4. You walk out of the theatre – its not entertainment ; it seems like another page turned in your life


The ‘Against’s

  1. There is no item number
  2. If you are looking for comedy, action, dance – don’t look this way
  3. Long? Well if you are really watching it, you won’t realize it.

My rating: 3.5/5

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