Movie Review: Ek Tha Tiger [Hindi]

My partner in crime was noncommittal and decided to skip watching Ek Tha Tiger on it’s day of release. That did not deter me. I looked up the listing and lo.. the movie was being played 12 shows on it’s opening day in Oberon Mall Cinemax! To be honest, that is the first time I am seeing a movie book so many slots on it’s opening day here. When I reached the counter to collect my prebooked ticket, every person was returning dejected cause all the shows were HOUSEFULL! I hurriedly ordered my usual Max combo (a large coke with the cheese/caramel popcorn mix) and rushed into screen 1 five minutes late. The national anthem was running and everyone was standing in attention. I paused and absorbed the moment. A strange sense of pride always engulfs me when I hear the anthem and since it was unexpected, it felt even better. As soon as the anthem ended, people started settling into their alloted seats for the big show.

I found my seat along the aisle and settled down with my popcorn. Yash raj films had a minute long rundown of the  umpteen blockbusters they have contributed over the last 50 years and it culminated in a promo of a romantic flick that is due for November 13th.. that had the audience going already

.. and then the film got rolling.



Tiger (Salman Khan) is a RAW agent who is really good at what he does and is introduced with aplomb. The opening fight sequence is only a trailer to what is due later on. He is soon put on a new mission to monitor a professor and therein he comes across Zoya aka Zee (Katrina Kaif). Gopi (Ranvir Shorey) is Tiger’s partner on the mission and he adds deft humor all throughout the movie.

The movie soon builds on Tiger and Zoya ‘s romance. Tiger is this guy who has not had a single girl in his life and he falls head over heels over Zoya. Soon there is romance, chemistry and loads of it on screen. The movie breaks with a twist in the tale (no surprises though). The second half takes off in a completely different direction where more romance brews, and along with it comes trouble. Tiger and Zoya fight the odds to be together … and of course it is a Yash Raj film.. don’t worry.. it has a happy ending 🙂

Favorite song


  • Katrina is so friggin hot (as always). There is a scene wherein she stands in the balcony and invites Sallu over.. my pick of her in the movie. She is seen in so many different attires that anything on her just simply looks good!

  • Salman looks a bit bulkier, is not seen doing heavy steps in the dance sequences even though the music is definitely foot tapping.
  • The action scenes are clearly the highlight of the movie. There is less of artificial props and jumping around in strings.. there is a lot of originality in it to keep you biting your nails in excitement. (When was the last time you saw Katrina Kaif doing the moves!)
  • Yash Raj films are picture perfect. The movie is shot in exotic locations in different parts of the globe. Hats off for showcasing some beautiful places.
  • Romance is definitely in the air. Katrina Kaif is seen shedding a few tears.. some of them do make you cringe.


4 on 5

Action, romance, a hot agent with an even hotter chick. There is no thrilling investigation, no suspense thriller. It is just there to entertain.

2 responses to “Movie Review: Ek Tha Tiger [Hindi]”

  1. Doc, I watched Ek Dha Tiger last night on TV and remembered reading about it here. So I came to tell you that the first half was so hilariously (and I don’t mean the humour scenes) stupid. My husband and I were laughing because it was so ridiculous (must be our old age, forgive me, Doc). The ISI-RAW agents eloping together was too much for him that he went to sleep. I continued, to see where it went. Initially I hoped it would be more of a Spy film than a romance. I don’t deny that there were some nice parts to it, and I liked it that Kaif was given some real nice action. But she had to act the damsel in distress at places – which I didn’t like. I like gals to be real tough (a la Angelina Jolie). 🙂
    Looking forward to more of your reviews, Doc!

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