MOVIE REVIEW: 22 Female Kottayam [Malayalam]

The moment I read the title of this movie, it reminded me of the good old school days of chatting in mIRC where in the first question always used to be asl?  (age/sex/location).

Radio Mango is a regular introducer nowadays to most of the new movie music and it was one such morning wherein I started hearing the songs of this movie. Neha Nair has given voice to the lead character Tessa (Rima Kallingalthough I have to admit no song really got me stuck on.

One thing that I did notice though was that there was a lot of talk about the movie on twitter. Usually I book a ticket in either Cinemax or Q cinemas in Kochi and to my surprise I was not able to book a seat for a week since the release. To have attracted so much attention for an entire week in continuity, I knew there was definitely something in it and I decided to finally see it in my home city (Kollam)

I drove to the Aradhana theatre and was surprised to see a long queue for the 2pm show. The age group was definitely in the 20-30s and the ladies were equating to the men in number. I also saw quite a few families with children < 10-15 yrs in there. (in retrospect maybe the kids probably shouldn’t have been there)

The storyline.. 

The story talks about the life of a young aspiring nurse who wants to move abroad for work and higher studies. Tessa  happens to meet this guy at the Visa agency Cyril  and slowly becomes friends with him. Through friendship, they start texting, eventually calling and falling in love. The progression during this phase is depicted so aptly that for a moment I could recall my college days. The element of romance is something that every young current generation passes through and it is literally as though somebody is taking a leaf out of your life and depicting it on screen. Soon friendship turns into love.

The brilliant romantic buildup with humor and subtle yet balanced display of emotions form the platform for the story to develop on.  The sudden turn of events, the element of surprise, the amount of hurt, the peril of the hapless young girl brings every viewer to empathize with the ill fortune of Tessa. 

The gruelsome period and the turmoil that ensues in the life of the young nurse is demonstrated beautifully while the second half of the movie shows how circumstances can change a person and the person’s outlook.

to sum up.. 

  • There is a lot of take home messages in this movie. Some of them blatantly put through and through, whilst others need to be absorbed.
  • Rima Kallingal has done quite a few movies till now. I haven’t seen her recent movies off late, but in comparison to City of God last year, I think this was an ideal platform for her to showcase her skills and she was brilliant. Her physical makeover was justified by the emotions she delivered so much so that you wonder if Tessa could ever be portrayed any better. Kudos to her.
  • Fahad is getting stereotyped a bit unfortunately, but he does brilliantly to pull off the male chauvunist pig he is and the shit he does to deride women.
  • The yester year stalwarts need special mention as they continue to demonstrate their acting prowess in the limited screen time.

Final verdict = 4 out of 5 : Must watch!

There are movies that move your heart, this one sure does. The element of reality that is etched in it makes it difficult to not relate to and it holds a good message to all the youth.

With some amount of profanity involved, bringing kids along might not be advisable.

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