Kahaani – a stark contrast to the usual bollywood hoo haa

True that the movie was ridden with hype, especially with the lead cast Vidya Balan coming back after a mega run with Dirty Picture, but spending the 150 odd minutes grasping on each popcorn in anticipation of what happens next was totally worth it.

I nearly overslept and missed the show I’d booked. With ten min to go, I sped in my 800 to Oberon cinemax here in Cochin and just made it on time to catch the first five min of the movie. I am not gonna spill the plot here because the top performer here indeed is the story. The director has so ably created twists and turns at just about where it mattered with characters leaving a mark no matter how little their screen time was.

I have never been to Kolkata, but this movie is a good showcase of a fair bit of the city and the festivities. The culmination of the movie was really nervy with some breathtaking performance by Vidya and it really makes you wonder if there is any other actress in Bollywood who could have out performed her. It’s a matter of pride for every Mallu she has won the national award recently and I would bet my money on her for having another go at the same price again this year.

Don’t miss this cracker. Its full of thrills, a bit of subtle romance and plenty of Bongla lingo. Have fun!

11 thoughts on “Kahaani – a stark contrast to the usual bollywood hoo haa

    1. at 0130 am in the night, as I watched the last few min of the movie, I was flooded with a lot of emotions, it was the coming together of brilliant acting and the perfect plot twist!

  1. So I finally watched this movie today, Doc. (Pls check my almost-a-year-old comment up here πŸ™‚ So Bidda falling in front of the metro train wasn’t a nightmare after all!!) Outstanding movie. And as you said, the glimpses of Kolkata were amazing. And Vidya, ooooh. What an actress. Natural, balanced and mature. I fell a little in love with cop Rana too. πŸ˜‰

    1. Wow.. it actually took you this long to watch it. But good you did, eventually :). I think my grey cells are dying day by day. Reading the post again brought back the movie (foggy!)

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