That awkward moment.. to that infectious joy..

Had a fairly quiet day today at work, though it was all a bit rushed  since I surprisingly woke up very late. Midday after my morning duty, I had headed over to the ultrasound room to cover for my buddy. While doing a few scans, randomly I was doing the scan for a young female in the late 20s for assessing the patency of a surgical shunt as she seemed to have some persistent pain at the site following the surgery 2 months ago. I follow this routine of normally coming to the region of interest (currrent  symptoms) towards the end so that I don’t miss out on some other finding while getting carried away by the presenting symptoms. So while I was scanning her pelvis, I realized her urinary bladder was empty. (Normally we need a full bladder to use as a window for seeing the uterus and ovaries).

Nevertheless I still swept over the lower abdomen to look for the pelvis when it took me by surprise to see one tiny fellow sitting inside her uterus, heart flickering away to glory. I was so not expecting a little fellow there that I reflexly asked her. ” Are you pregnant?” She retorted: ” AM I????? ” Her face was an admixture of emotions.. one of surprise, followed by a beaming smile and I involuntarily let my guard off and replied with a big smile “Yes”. It took me by surprise, her even more, but at the end of the scan, in addition to assuring she has nothing to worry about her shunt, I wished her all the best for the little one 🙂

Everyday we learn something and one thing that makes our profession so special is that everyday we get to share the happiness or dissipate the sorrow of one person or the other.

6 thoughts on “That awkward moment.. to that infectious joy..

  1. I’m sure I had left a comment on this one. I found the story beautiful, and the image just perfect, matching very well with your lines “one tiny fellow sitting inside her uterus, heart flickering away to glory.”

    1. My liking for the little fellows continue to rise. I will be soon embarking on doing antenatal scans. I look forward to be a portal for the mother to the in utero baby 🙂

      1. I am sure I have told you this story about how my radiologist patiently explained to me and showed the features of my baby in the scan monitor, in the third or fourth month. So do remember to do it to every new mom-to-be you meet. They’ll be overjoyed!

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