That feeling..

Saturdays usually marks the end of a long week at work, the time when people like me who work 6 days a week have that one day off to resign from the routine. Normally I prefer to have a light saturday with no issues to deal with, but yesterday I had a mindful of matter to think about. I recall my Boss telling when I joined for work – Its a fact that you are going to make mistakes, its only a matter of how many you make and how much you learn from them. I had a  case yesterday which brought me (from the halo of a confident diagnostician) down to my kness – I have no option but to take it in my stride and move forward but at least I know the same mistake won’t happen twice.

In other good news, the Edapally rail over bridge is up and running.. after a decade and a half.. am glad this has happened.. now commuting to the city will be as easy as ever.

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