Real Steel is indeed the Real Deal!

After a 36 hour duty, I thought I’d just come back and hit the sack. Well, after a quite nap, on my friends invite, I decided to go for a movie instead and we had a look at the trailer of ‘Real Steel’ on youtube. In the outset, watching a 1080 HD trailer makes you literally want to be there experiencing the movie ASAP.

As I walked upto the ticket counter at Cinemax Oberon Mall, my eyes fixated on a 5’4” well toned and admirably dressed girl at the counter. As I ordered my tickets, I turned to take a glimpse of her face and it seemed strikingly familiar though I wasn’t able to put name to face. The umpteen number of random people we see daily at work was not helping the cause either. Took a second look, and then it clicked. It was Mithra Kurian, the film actor! The crowd in Cinemax hardly made any notice of her which made me even more confused if it was really her. A visit to Oberon invariably finds someone from the show biz always around there.

The movie was way beyond expectation. Of course I did expect quality knowing it is a Hugh Jackman movie, but the treatment given to a fairly simple David vs Goliath type script was richly charged and good for any sport loving person. The challenge, the rise of the underdog, is what the audience craves for and this movie delivers it with every person leaving the theatre happy having spent the last 2 hours in there. Multiple instances in the movie had the audience cheering and clapping and that sums up the quality of the movie.

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