Day 4 – Swami Sharanam

Woke up as early as 3am. Took a bath and headed to pick dad from the Airport. En route while driving over, I was forced to slow down at a Paripally temple, where the festival procession had taken onto the road. On the way, came across 11 elephants in the 60km drive.

Coming to the new Terminal was some experience. Normally we take a right from Chakka circle to head towards Shangumugham beach and to the airport. But the new terminal meant, we stay on the By pass road itself. 1.2 km further from the Chakka circle, a small single lane road from Ananthpuri Hospital gradually climbs up and opens into a 3 lane one way road which slowly but steadily opens into the new international terminal that is spread over 32,200 square metres.

[Too much security denied me capturing the photos of the terminal to share here]

Here are some facts about the new terminal:

  • The new terminal has been constructed at a cost of Rs 290 crore. Spread over 32,200 square metres, the facility can handle 1,600 passengers at a time and an annual capacity to handle 18 lakh passengers.
  • It has 30 check-in counters with Common User Terminal Equipment (CUTE) facility for easy transit of passengers, 14 immigration counters, two Customs counters and four security check counters in departure. There are 12 immigration counters and nine Customs check counters for the arriving passengers. With glass being a major portion of the new structure, it also provides natural lighting inside the building.
  • Another attraction of the new terminal is that visitors can enter the terminal building up to the point that they could see the departing passengers even after checking-in, which is not possible in the existing terminal. The entry fee is Rs 60 per person.
  • The Airports Authority of India will be charging user development fee of Rs 575 per embarking international passenger from Tuesday. Passengers who had not paid user fee along with the ticket will have to pay the amount at the special counters at the terminal.
  • The terminal is fully-air-conditioned terminal with wi-fi connectivity and is designed to handle the passengers of two A-300s and one Boeing 747 aircraft at the same time.
  • A domestic terminal, a new air traffic control station and a cargo complex will also be built in the near future.

It’s been a year since I met dad and was a great day to catch up with him. Enjoyed a Falafel for breakfast, read the previous day’s Arab Times and in the evening spent time with him at our native place.

Swami Sharanam.

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