Day 1 – Swami Sharanam

All in all was a very good day. Started off by waking up early in the morning 5.30am. Took a bath and went to the Mahaganapathi temple. Did maala pooja and marked the beginning of my fast.

Adapting to a fruit diet for breakfast, even though it sounded good, ended up with a headache at lunch time. 😉 Had a sumptuous vegetarian lunch. Then dozed off for an hour.

Evening cycled to Kadappakada Dharmashastha temple. Lord Ayyappa was gloriously dressed in flowers.

Headed to the Children’s park on the way back. Was good to talk to my BFF after almost 6 months. Some people are so hard to find 🙂

All in all the fruit diet dinner left me wanting to run to the fridge to grab a snack in the middle of the night, but resisted myself and limited to a glass of water.

Swami Sharanam.

2 thoughts on “Day 1 – Swami Sharanam

  1. ‘…run to the fridge to grab a snack in the middle of the night’, happens every night here! Diets suck…atleast to get used to… 🙂 How many days in total is the fast?

    1. haha.. are you still gymming flo.. I am about to blog about the latest developments. Fast till 18th. What’s off for LENT this time around.

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